"There has been a change in men's attitudes toward their clothes. Men are more aware of fashion; they're not afraid of it."
-Calvin Klein
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Okay so I may have skipped summer, but not on purpose; I was just very busy. But lets get the ball rolling…Hello fall, you’ve been missed and all eyes on Fendi. Let’s talk about TAILORING & FUR. I’m all about this turtleneck (I don’t care what you say).  Nothing says luxury like a jacket made out of some type of animal and fur accents (I’m assuming croc, sorry PETA). What I’m most in love with are those knit sweaters, I love me a good ole chunky knit; and those colors are amazing: camel, hunter green, grey, navy, and those pixilated grey and purple.  Color blocked leather and wool jacket that is all.  My favorite piece from this collection is that amazing/to die for Navy trench coat with the quilted accents, a must have for every guy. And you guys’ speckled textures are in and they look amazing when they are made into suits.  But what I really want you take from this whole collection is that black is in this fall and it’s going to be everywhere, black is the new black aka black is back.  Run to Bergdorf Goodman’s Men Store and stock up on some Fendi.

Spring is OFFICIALLY here! And let me just say the Brits know how to bring it, whether it’s with those adorable accents or better yet their style they always deliver. Hardy Amies is the epitome of what a British Gentleman should always dress like. Spring just doesn’t bring blooming flowers it also brings blooming colors. Lets talk about this is the time of the year to lets those saturated colors out, like for real. From those amazing (olive green is what I’m going to call it, but correct if I’m wrong) pants are to die for, literally a must have in any dapper guys wardrobe and plus if you get the shoes too! And just because it’s spring and its getting warmer don’t mean you can’t throw on a cable knit (they will always be a great piece to have).  I’m pretty sure my wallet just shrugged of fear because it knows I want and need that stripped pea coat and that tote as well. Before I continue let me just state the obvious and say just how sexy this collection is, like damn I would sell an organ to have this collection in my closet like yesterday. The fabric choice is immaculate, the cut/fit are genius (if you’re going to buy a suit, make sure it fits like a damn glove just like these do), and like I said the COLORS are to just right (well for me anyways). What else can I say about Hardy Amies; sexy, smart, and sharp. Until next time my dapper dudes.

Farah 1920 is super cool, laid back, and clean. You can’t go wrong with sweaters for Spring/Summer, it’s a must have. All these looks are amazing, and I love the cut of the shirts. And those short are my everything, it’s time to restock on them everybody! (you should own at least 10 pairs). What I like about Farah is even though it’s a new season, you can tell that this is Farah. I have to give a around of applause because they stay true to what they know and what their guy wants/needs. SO listen dapper dudes, want to have some hipster days, casual Fridays, or an outfit for the night out on the town with the guys. Well this is the collection for you! My motto for spring and summer? Short it the fuck up! Well I’m outta here…till next time

So with winter temperatures already here it’s safe to layer up and pack on the leather. And what better way to stay warm and look good as hell then in some Belstaff. This collection made me want leather pants like yesterday. The military silhouettes are amazing, clean sharp lines are what I like! I’m obsessed with the belting. The cable knit sweater with (some shade of copper) pants, are sick, I want them. And of course I want that dark teal leather pea coat (it’s in my nature).  Also that maroon suit is pretty awesome too, and I would totally wear them with those gloves, no joke full on right off the runway hashtag luxury, yes I just did that. Ok and that v-neck sweater I mean damn can you spell REBEL. I feel like at any point during the season if it hits below 60 it’s completely justified to throw on any of these looks. It’s time to hit up Barneys. I’ll see you all there.

Banana Republic, where do I even start? Part of Gap Inc. it’s the higher end of the masses. From having some of the best designer collaborations/collections, they sure know how to bring it every season. And their fall/winter collection has all the right moves. From windowpane trousers to camouflage everything this is a collection for the ages. I was drooling over every piece, esp. that red jacket, and the faux-fur trimmed parka. Don’t even get my started on that steel blue quilted jacket (MUST OWN FOF EVERYGUY).  And turtlenecks are back; we’ve been seeing them everywhere so it’s official go buy one! What I love about BR is not just the amazing discount I get, but the fact that it’s always super chic and perfect for the American guy who doesn’t care spending a little more on a great wardrobe. This will last a lifetime. And Leather is huge, there I pointed out the obvious, buy anything with leather, and you will not go wrong! Alright guys, till next time, and remember keep it dapper.

So it’s fall! And I’m going to do Façonnable pre-fall because it caught my eye. And I’m ready for this cold weather!! How do I even describe Façonnable, It’s like a 70’s Frenchmen meets 2013, it’s chic with a touch of a casualness (if that’s even a word).  This red sweater is EVERYTHING and paired with these white chinos and drivers I mean that’s classy with a capital C! Okay that chocolate brown (from what it looks like) anorak with the blue lining is MINE! Must have ASAP, let me just clear this up, I WANT EVERY OUTTERWEAR PIECE!! I don’t care that I already own like 15 jackets, the more the merrier!!! I need to meet with their design team and have them create a collection just for me, I should write a letter to their CEO. I don’t quite understand why there are shorts in this collection, but you know what I don’t care! My friends go out and buy the shit out of fall/winter this year, look classy as hell and be poor while doing it. That is all!

OK so this will be my last spring/summer post, because fall is literally creeping up! So I thought I’d go out with a bang. So we have Gant by Michael Bastian, one of the most influential designers/brands around. This collection has a west coast vibe for sure; it has an edgy beach bum look to it, but beach bum with an east coast trust fund (the fact that Cory Bond is in the look book is kinda bad ass, he’s actually the person that comes to mind when I think of the Gant guy). I like the pops of color, the jackets, the use of layers. I’m digging that pop over hoodie (even though it’s a spring/summer collection) it still has that Gant esthetic which is All- American with a twist (the plaid shirts are amazing, I will be owning one of each). I would literally wear that dip-dye omber blazer. And that deep teal Anorak has my name all over it. The tribal pattern cardigan is actually kind of amazing, I can manage sweating if I look good doing it. Now I don’t care so much about the cargo swim trunk-esque shorts (it’s really not my thing). But the teal shawl sweater is the shit.  This collection has me speechless; I really don’t know what say, just that my Amex will probably be carrying a balance of some sort. I mean I just cant handle, I also somewhat want most of the sunglasses in this collection. So if you live on the west coast, you must own a piece of this spring/summer collection, esp. you Malibu kids’ (this isn’t for the Newport or Laguna beach kids’).  And on that note, I’m heading out! See you guys when the mercury starts dipping into those low 70’s!

Ovadia & Sons is all about high-end tailoring. It’s kinda sportswear but dapper as shit, let me correct myself, it’s the definition of dapper. Doubled breasted blazers and colored trousers hot damn. Cardigans, Utility Jackets ( yes please ). Ovadia & Sons never disappoint, hitting the mark every collection. If I didn’t live in Atlanta, I would probably max out my credit card again for this collection, actually I would max out my card again and go to  1960’s New York City, or Dapperville, USA aka The Hamptons. Attention my dapper friends, do yourself a favor and suit up! I could go on and on about this collection but I won’t. Just understand how much I need this in my life. And remember one thing, when you die, you won’t have your money buried six feet under along with you. Live while you can, and look good doing it with Ovadia & Sons.

Summer is all about; boat shoes, lake houses, color, linen (shirts), seersucker, and of course shorts! It’s time to get some color on those legs, here’s to not skipping leg day anymore! Whether you like your shorts just at your knees or for you risk takers who prefer them above the knees there’s a great selection for everyone. Gap has some amazing shorts this summer, they introduced a new oxford short (it’s the softest fabric I’ve ever felt). Tommy went nautical on us with an anchor print short (naturally I want it).  J. Crew obviously never fails and killed it with a color blocked short, it’s kinda amazing (neon and like a dark ocean blue), also a light blue that I’m obsessed with (they also have some great prints).  Zara also has a proud collection of amazing shorts; I’m kinda drawn to greens this summer, (you must own a shade of green) especially darker shades of green! . I’ve already added like 5pairs of shorts to my collection and trust me I’m not stopping anytime soon!

Well as usual the south skipped spring and went right into summer, and if its any indication of what the weather has been like its safe to say its going to be a HOT one for sure.  But enough of the weather, it’s time for some clothes talking, and we are going to take a dip in the All-American pool with Hartford.  Hartford has all the elements of what spring and summer are all about; it’s cool, dressy, and casual and very dapper that’s for damn sure! It has POC (pops of color), some really great prints, GREAT jackets, and amazing scarves. Hartford is literally your one stop shop for summer. And if you’re a nautical guy this collection is for you! Because to be honest what is All-American without some nautical love. I mean literally this collection make sick to my stomach, when I looked over the looks, every word that came out of my mouth was profanity, glad I didn’t have company over or that there weren’t any small children around me.  All I know is that my closet will primarily consist of shorts, a few VERY light weight jackets, and some (roughly about 15-20) new woven’s (long sleeved to be exact), and a few chinos (and when I mean a few I really mean like 10).  Let The Great Gatsby inspire you this summer and get your MOFOing dapperness on, and on that note until next time.